____                       |      ,\                 v
            .-,  / .m/    .-,           .-, _|_   __/_\__    __   .-,  |
           (("))/\a'-\   (("))    .-.-.(("))/o   , ((")\V/  |  | (("))/'
        [o]_/ \/ |_p_|   /[o]=    |ldb|_/ \/      \_/ \_|   |("|_ / \/
           /___\         /___\    \___//___\       /___\|        /___\
           _/ |_         _/ |_         _/ |_       _/ |_|        _/ |_   ldb

            If this ASCII art is jumbled, your screen is small, not smart.

Laura Brown.ca - Indescribable

ASCII Artist | Ontario Exploration | Ontario Witch | Canadian Spelling | Merry UnBirthday | Online Road Trip

I’m never bored. I don't understand people who say they are easily bored, they seem to be really letting themselves down, making everything too easy, or expecting others to entertain them. That's silly. There is always something else to do, try, explore or get totally wrong. I like doing everything my own way, often by myself. Not always the popular way. If you wait for everything to be right you probably won't start at all. Making a mess, getting lost, are not the worst things that can happen because you can clean a mess, use a map, fix something broken. You certainly won't be bored.

I have several sites because I really like writing and publishing online and I tend to buy new domains on impulse when the idea always seems good at the time. I also have a great web host, that helps.

I have been online since 1996, running my own sites years before social media. I’ve written for other sites, networks and a few zines. Hosted newsletters, moderated forums and all the rest. I like having my own sites best of all.

I have been a volunteer with the Open Directory Project, since 1998. I'm still there, but its known as Curlie now.

I've been playing Adventure Quest from the early days. Still playing AQ3D and making the odd post/ screenshot. I am on Steam and Discord, mostly for my nieces and nephews. Now and then we get together for DnD campaigns.

Find me on Twitter, if you want to leave a note. No Instagram because I don't use a cell phone. I am a person, not a marketing opportunity.

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  ldb  ||| '-|-' |||

     Happy Canada Day - July, 1st!

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