Working on Meta Tags in the Headers

Tomorrow I am going to work on new meta tags for the headers of each of my sites. I started today with this site but meta information has changed since the early days when a title and description were enough. Not even a mention of adding keywords now. I guess the older tags are mostly abandoned for the new Open Graph, Twitter and Facebook tags. Everyone thinks they need to be famous. But that leaves no one left to just applaud.

I am using a post from the Moz site to update my meta tags.

I am also changing all my WordPress formatted content to sit back in a subdomain. I have done that much today, and put in temporary redirects. Then I am going to make a one page HTML page to lead into each part of the domain. Not everything is on WordPress. This has the bonus of making it MUCH easier to move out of WordPress while leaving my content unbroken.

Too much time spent today on looking at HTML editors, trying to find a simple template to adapt. When I ended up using one from One Page Love which I adapted in plain old Notepad. I notice my age when it comes to things like this. Before I would not have been intimidated by just going the mad scientist route and changing the template in Notepad. Now, I second guess and try to find a short cut or something that feels safer, with a guarantee of success. That is the sad part about being older, becoming just a little leery of stepping off into adventures.

It would be easier if I could see better. Each time I get the store to fix these glasses they seem ok. But, a few days later everything is blurry again. Not so bad for TV and such but harder to read anything on the computer screen. Most of the time I am reading with my head tipped far back so I can use the bifocal part of the lens to read what’s in front of me.

Old is as old does. Has anyone ever said that?

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