This is a Bad Time to be a Landlord in Ontario

Still living at my sister’s house for another week. I don’t know where to begin to describe how it has been to be out of my home due to tenants in the basement apartment. At times I am crazy angry and then the crashing lows which I can’t really post about because my family may read this. Can’t really post all about the anger either because someone might use that against me, especially these days. This situation is a nightmare that just keeps on giving.

I am going to see what power I do have to do something about this. Not as the landlord, because I’m not the home owner. Here in Ontario landlords are forced to keep bad tenants and yet people complain about the lack of rental accommodations. Why don’t they realize that burning landlords with bad tenants causes those same landlords to not want to repeat the experience. Thus, there are few and fewer rentals made available, to any tenants. I hope things change but right now, landlords take 100% of the risk and tenants can stay without paying rent, while causing damage and harassing the landlord while complaining about everything or anything and having all the bills paid by the landlord. Landlords in Ontario are losing their homes, going bankrupt, and likely have trouble with mental health due to tenants from hell. However, you can find loads of help for tenants, online. Even instructions for how to fleece your landlord and live rent-free for up to a year. Try looking for help for landlords. Slim pickings and most of the stuff I think might be helpful turns out to be slanted for the tenant and no help to the landlord.

It is a bad time to be a landlord in Ontario. Right now it is a bad time to be me too. I want to go home. I need to be home to do anything with my own life. But, it is not really going to be home with those people still living rent-free in the basement. I’m the one who pays the household bills. In Ontario the landlord has to keep paying the household bills even if the tenant stops paying the rent and etc.

We have had good tenants but… after this is over, when ever it is over and how ever it ends… None of us are at all keen on renting to anyone ever again. The housing situation is bad when home owners become homeless due to deadbeat tenants.

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