So Much is Back and Forth

Most of the big parts of my life have had a lot of back and forth. This summer I am back and forth between my life, whatever that is, and helping my sister in another town in the great wilds of Ontario.

I have a lot of sites, mostly web domains. Not enough to them to really think of them as a site. I need a better plan for them. Blogs and ezines are not going to work so well in the current state of things online.

You are supposed to ask “what do people want?” but the real question is “Do I care what they want?” I don’t, not enough.

Or, is this just another of those back and forth things?

Back to WordPress, for now

I’ve tried so many different CMS this year. For now I would like to get back to writing, creating art and all the other things I like about having a site. I’m putting software on hold for awhile.

Meanwhile, I’ve lost the few posts I did have here so I am back to the start with this site. Not a bad thing since I mainly wanted it for the domain itself. If I were less of a domain shopper I would have everything here, on this domain. But, I don’t. Once I get those domains I feel I should be doing something with them.

I get a lot of ideas and I tend to be impulsive.