The CMS Mission

I thought about going to Toronto WordCamp, the WordPress thing. But, I think it will be all about people making sites for clients and not just people making sites. I really dislike the marketing focus with so much online, not just WordPress. But, with WP it has become an obsession, almost a cult. If you aren’t part of the marketing cult you are not allowed to have an opinion.

The WordCamp is focused on Gutenberg. A bad sign. Gutenberg seems to be a faster way for web developers to make cookie cutter sites for clients. It is all about that current fad of using content blocks. I’m already done with that. I don’t like seeing blocks of content on sites and scrolling down through their coloured content bars. Move on to something else, please.

The rest of the WordCamp is about the future of WP. That would be interesting but… I expect the future the Gutenberg cookie cutter site people see is not the future I would like. I really wish I had found a better way to work with my content, a different CMS from WordPress. But, I tried that and ended up back at the start. For now. Don’t think I have given up. I’m just suspending the mission for awhile.

I wrote to ask about the WordCamp in Toronto, Ontario. But, I never (yet) heard back from them. I think I didn’t say all the right keywords.

Updates and Take Backs

Today I am trying to fix my links for writers. Focused on Ontario and Canadian writers. I had such a good collection of links and then I went through my year of trying to get out of WordPress and all my links were somehow lost from one change to another. Files are not as strong or reliable as you would like them to be. But, I can rebuild. Starting with the links from old dmoz/ new Curlie. I don’t feel that is cheating when I’ve been the editor for about 20 years in that category especially. has taken yet more away from the early adopter accounts. Years ago they were promised to be kept as they were. But, time went on and this and that were chipped away. Until there isn’t much left and no point to continuing to post and put time and energy into that network. The end for me was having the embedded feed widget removed. If I can’t post the widget to my sites… what am I doing working for for free? It stopped being a partnership, or not anything equal or useful. I have left all my topics, empty of posts, with just a link to my sites. I would like to keep followers. But, most of them are spammers and just hope for follow-backs. I don’t think there have been any real content curators at since the earliest years. Annoying to see marketing claim another site, but that’s too often how it goes.

Working on Meta Tags in the Headers

Tomorrow I am going to work on new meta tags for the headers of each of my sites. I started today with this site but meta information has changed since the early days when a title and description were enough. Not even a mention of adding keywords now. I guess the older tags are mostly abandoned for the new Open Graph, Twitter and Facebook tags. Everyone thinks they need to be famous. But that leaves no one left to just applaud.

I am using a post from the Moz site to update my meta tags.

I am also changing all my WordPress formatted content to sit back in a subdomain. I have done that much today, and put in temporary redirects. Then I am going to make a one page HTML page to lead into each part of the domain. Not everything is on WordPress. This has the bonus of making it MUCH easier to move out of WordPress while leaving my content unbroken.

Too much time spent today on looking at HTML editors, trying to find a simple template to adapt. When I ended up using one from One Page Love which I adapted in plain old Notepad. I notice my age when it comes to things like this. Before I would not have been intimidated by just going the mad scientist route and changing the template in Notepad. Now, I second guess and try to find a short cut or something that feels safer, with a guarantee of success. That is the sad part about being older, becoming just a little leery of stepping off into adventures.

It would be easier if I could see better. Each time I get the store to fix these glasses they seem ok. But, a few days later everything is blurry again. Not so bad for TV and such but harder to read anything on the computer screen. Most of the time I am reading with my head tipped far back so I can use the bifocal part of the lens to read what’s in front of me.

Old is as old does. Has anyone ever said that?

It Could Work

I have a book to start learning Scribus, an open source desktop publishing program. That seems the best way evolve (still having content but not being dependent on WordPress).

Two things about WordPress are bothering me lately.

  1. I’ve read about a partnership between Google and WordPress.
  2. WordPress continues to supportĀ Gutenberg and plans to pull out the current, simple, unblocked editor.

Google collects and sells the information about you. Do you really want WordPress being in a partnership with that? I have written personal thoughts, ideas, and information into my WordPress sites. I never thought of it being picked up by machine algorithms and used against me. (Read more, search for “marketing dystopia”).

Gutenberg, I tried the demo and the test plugin, just leave me feeling aggravated. I know how to type into the current editor, save it, check it and publish it. Then I can go on to do other things. (There are a lot of things to do when you run a few sites by yourself). Gutenberg is something else I am going to have to learn and those content blocks are one more complication I can do without. No thanks!

Add to that the other things which keep going missing from WordPress, the tools I use day to day. I am especially thinking of those bookmarklets, again. PressThis and LinkThis have made my life (the time I spend writing online) so much easier and smoother. It was so nice to collect a link as I find it in the web browser, add a note and then come back to the saved post later to finish and publish it. The reasons WordPress and WP enthusiasts have given for removing the bookmarklets sound hollow and phony to me. Since when did WordPress care so much about protecting content on other sites.

So, I am going to change how I do everything. Why not? I can think of a few good reasons mostly involving time and patience (mine). But, I have loved the zine scene, small self-publishing, with very few rules (other than those you choose yourself) for a long time. It could work.


Moving My Sites Out of WordPress

I have moved out of WordPress. I’m using the multi-domain feature of b2evolution. After importing my WordPress content I have found problems with paragraph formatting and missing image files on posts. I will deal with that over time. Today I am just working on today and the post I write next. There is only so much time I want to put into old content when I suspect most of my readers don’t have human eyes anyway.

Some of my sites rely on WordPress plugins which will only work with WordPress. I am deciding whether or not to keep the sites fully on WordPress or to move keep them partially on WordPress, in order to use the content I have on the plugin, Link Library.

Meanwhile, I have a lot to do in the admin on b2evolution.