Changed my Language to Canadian WordPress

I thought I had all my sites set to Canadian English. But, I had missed a couple.

It doesn’t come up a lot. There aren’t huge differences in Canadian English versus British, Australian or US. But, when something does pop up wrong it bugs me. Especially when spellchecker is trying to correct Canadian spelling.

So, I fixed them all.

To do so yourself…

Start at Settings. Change your Site Language (find English, then the English version you use). Save that.

Then go to your Dashboard, Updates. At the bottom will be the option to update translations. If you have changed your language in Settings, there will be an update in translations. Go ahead and update it.

That’s it. A simple process and a simple fix to have your site in your preferred English.

Please Use Your Canadian Spelling

Schools here in Canada, Ontario (Newmarket, Ontario to be precise) are teaching students to spell the US way. Not Canadian. Why?

I don’t know but it makes me angry. No modifying, polite, adjectives, just plain angry.

It is hard to find Canadian spelling online. It is not offered as an option. You can easily find options for US and UK spelling. All English spelling is not created equal. What about Canada, Australia and other cultures who use the English language in their own way?

People need to speak up, spell up! Tell site owners, webmasters, content marketers and the rest of them to offer Canadian spelling (or whatever English spelling you come from).

Most of all – Use your Canadian spelling yourself. Keep it alive, active and popular.