A warm day out there. I'm not a fan of hot weather. I don't have more I really want to write tonight. I don't know why I started this post. I just wanted to write something.

I wish there were less people in my life. But, that's misleading because most of the time I am alone and I only have my Mom living here with me and the miserable excuse for tenants living in the basement. Today was a day when those people filled my life to over flowing. Then there is my soon to be ex brother-in-law, the sex offender. The police are destroying all the evidence against him and they never had him come in to be interviewed (because he "lawyered up" making him untouchable). Too bad everyone isn't so untouchable, like the animals, children and women he molested. No help from police, reporters, or politicians.

Some days I want to live on another planet, far, far, far away... Where I can still breathe and all of that sort of essential stuff. I did buy a lottery ticket the other day. I haven't tried one of those for years. Makes me think of my Aunt Alice, my Grandmother's sister. I miss you, AA.

Back to planet scouting... and good night to all.