This blog is not going to have a lot of posts. Its mainly my Joomla test blog/ site. Everyone should have at least one - a place to try things and be ok if it all goes up in flames. Disaster comes along when you least expect it and are never quite as prepared as you thought you were. That's life. Don't get the wrong idea about life. Life is great and glorious, it just has to exist though, we each make life into something of our own. Anyway, this wasn't planned as a philosophical post. It was kind of a post for the sake of making a post, so ... success!

It is a rainy day here today. I have probably written before about how much I really like rainy days. For one thing, great photography! For another, free water is falling from the sky! Really, can it get much better than that!

I'm going to install and try a template for Joomla. Not the first I've tried but it is the first I bought, from Joomla 51, in Ireland. I like the features/ framework. I hope I can make my brain work wtih it. My brain is kind of stubborn and contrary at times. Wishing myself luck because I'm probably the only one here.