Three of my sites are mostly up and I have learned a lot about Joomla. I'm far less fearless than I was 20 years or so ago when I tinkered with my PC hardware and threw code up to see what would work on my sites. Now I tenderly, hopefully, touch a little code here and there and check if things turned out ok on the front page, or not.

Joomla is a bit messy. A maze of options repeated in the menu and the articles and the odd other place. That part is aggravating. I think I have everything set but it doesn't change even though the settings are set right. I tinker around and find... another place to set the same setting!!! Not fair, Joomla. Maybe there is some reason for it. Method to the madness. I'm going to pretend I believe that. There must be a way to save all the settings (once you finally get them all nailed down) and import them to another site. That would make things quite a bit easier. If I can do that I will have a hugely easier time loading up the rest of the sites.

I have content which needs to switch between sites too. I've been putting off dealing with that. Plus formatting. But... I did discover that fixing my user/ author name on all the content also fixed the weird bold font weight thing which was appearing on (what seemed to be) random posts. Now that all my posts are publishing with the right user ID the bold font has disappeared. Magic! Nice to solve something in a mysterious and functional way.

I think the next site I will load up with a fresh and happy Joomla install and the old WordPress content will be my other sort of profile site,  Should I make the text/ HTML based front page for it or let it start on Joomla? I will probably stick with the routine I've begun here. Its more work but I can control and understand what I've done with the landing page of the sites, more than leaving it to Joomla (or any other CMS).