A new article not Written by Joomla.

For awhile all my posts (from the sample blog content) were showing as "Written by Joomla" not myself. I did not know where to find the fix for that until I took the advice of Tim at Basic Joomla Tutorials. He suggest installing the default template, protostar, to check on any weirdness in any other template. That helped me track down the problem. Anyway, it was the alias. My author name was fine but the alias was stuck with the sample content, showing as Joomla.

I have found that J2XML, with the WordPress extra extension, does work very well to migrate/ import my old WordPress content into this new Joomla site. I will fix the filing of the images because WordPress automatically files them by date and that gets pretty messy over time. Probably works better for some sites, not others.

At the moment I am trying to read this screen. It is a small font to type into the edit window. I'm going to see if I can get it more user friendly for me. Maybe a setting. Or, maybe a different editor. It would be nice to cut and paste text into here. Right now it does not allow that and it won't let me use my browser spellcheck. So, that just isn't going to cut it for me. Spellcheck catches most of my typos and that especially helps when the font is tiny and hard for me to read.

I am using Astroid framemaker for Joomla. There were some bumps along the way but I've got it working/ figured out (fairly well) now. One thing, it has a limitation when it comes to posting the published date of your post. It doesn't. You can post the date the post was created and/ or the date it was modified. But, not the published date. I settled on using the date the post was last modified. Otherwise, Astroid shows two dates without explanation of what either of them are. (There may be a way to do that with icons or something, but I wanted to keep that part of the post simple.)

Next step will be moving the WordPress posts and images again. I did twice already but ended up uninstalling and reinstalling Joomla (twice) due to my own confusing, stress with dealing with mysterious errors and feeling like Joomla was a maze of options I had to narrow down, somewhat drastically. If you move from WordPress to Joomla - start with the blog sample content. I was VERY against doing so. But, having the blog sample content actually did help me figure things out.

Also, skip the books when it comes to learning Joomla. I bought two of them and did not find them very helpful AT ALL. They both start with sample content that make the whole process a lot more confusing. Plus, the Joomla Extensions book had me thinking I had to have a menu for EVERYTHING! You don't need a menu for anything but the actual menu. Connect your modules to a menu link for things like your Web Links, About (single) article and a home link. You do not need to set a menu for every article you write. For that set up a blog category and link to that. Better yet, start with the blog sample content and skip a lot of confusion and frustration. The blog sample content is already set up as a menu and it will post on your site - without making you jump through hoops.