There are so many things on my to-do list with Joomla. Still!

  • favicons
  • uploading photographs
  • fixing old posts - formatting
  • fixing old posts - images
  • watermarks for photographs
  • open graph/ SEO/ meta tags
  • social media this and that
  • image gallery/ display for photographs
  • header/ logo images
  • author name oddities
  • screwy fonts
  • icons
  • masonry or not
  • read more not showing up
  • double header in Joomla admin
  • something else I'm forgetting right now

I was even looking at the volunteers wanted on the Joomla site. But, I'm not technically inclined to help with software. I really only understand Canadian English. I'm not a social person. Overall, I don't need more to do and I don't really want to be responsible for something more than what I have already gotten myself into. So, I decided not to volunteer. But, I did make a profile. Maybe, something else for the backburner.