I'm typing this just after updating to the new 5.0 WordPress, the blockhead version. I don't like the idea of working with blocks. It seems to add complication where there were less complications before. But, this is my first time trying it. Working with just text has gone ok. I feel I'm typing in space with so much empty, blank, white space around my text.

Adding an image is going to be different. I don't see the image uploader anywhere... Turns out it is in the plus sign at the top left. But, having gotten the image to show up I guess I need to start another block to post again. (It was nice to have the caption right there with the options but I'm not sure how it will look, or how it will last if there are future updates to the code).

Overall, the biggest problem I have with the block thing is that I don't like working in chunks. I would rather have one cohesive post without extra coding added for the sake of adding extra coding. This just seems one more way for WordPress to make it even harder and more impossible to leave WordPress as your CMS. How will any of these blockhead posts look if you export them and import them into something else? How much work will it be to fix? (A lot I expect!) Also, what happens to all these block posts when the block trend falls off the planet and something else new comes along?

Update after changing to Joomla from WordPress: There was a lot of extra junk code (serving no purpose than formatting for WordPress editor) I removed from this post.