This is my profile site. My other sites include:

I've been experimenting with a lot of CMS type software this year: Joomla, TYPO3, Storytlr, Open Melody, MODX, Publii, Blogger, b2evolution, TextPattern, Tiki Wiki, Concrete5, Composr, Subrion, Bolt, Kirby, DokuWiki, Jekyll, and others. Most of them do not have any way to migrate from WordPress. Of those which do have something, I found them unreliable or very outdated. No wonder WordPress has grown so much. But, I don't want software created for developers, deliberately leaving everyone else out in the cold.

I'm a writer, publisher and web producer. Getting into the development side of the software is not time well spent for me. I work alone for one thing. Secondly, I have spent enough time just learning all the different CMS I have tried. Getting deeper into the code is not sustainable for me. Maybe if I had a computer clone of myself, but that's getting into science fiction.

At this time I am liking PageKit for my simpler sites which don't have much going on right now. (Mainly because I've been working behind the scenes, learning a lot of software). PageKit is simple to work with and looks very clean. If software can have an atmosphere, I'd say PageKit feels like a little, fluffy cloud. So far, PageKit does not have a spellchecker or categories as part of the blog feature. I'm not used to working in Markdown, but the differences aren't huge.

Here are my other domains (not quite up to calling them sites at this point).

  • unexplainedontario.com
  • unexplainedcanada.com
  • savethediary.com
  • petfree.org
  • ontariohaunts.com
  • ontariofuturist.com
  • onlineroadtrip.com
  • merryunbirthday.com
  • thatgrrl.ca
  • greenlivinghistory.com
  • clubsincanada.com
  • canadianhorror.com
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