Laura - Indescribable

I’m never bored. People who claim to be easily bored must be half brain-dead or making everything too easy. There is always something else to do, try, explore or get totally wrong. I like doing everything my own way. Not always the popular way.

My sites include urban exploration, ASCII art, arts, culture, a little science, and history. I have several sites because I really like writing and publishing online and I tend to buy new domains on impulse when the idea always seems good at the time. I also have a great web host, that helps.

I have been online since 1996 running my own sites years before social media. I’ve written for other sites, networks (like HubPages) and a few zines. Hosted newsletters, moderated forums and all the rest. I like having my own sites best of all.

I work with the Open Directory Project, since 1998. I'm still there, but its known as Curlie now.

Find me on Twitter, if you want to leave a note. Or, read my meandering traditional weblog with adventures and inspiration as I work on my sites.

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